WOW! Summer Games was awesome this year! We were very happy with the turnout but we were even happier with the results form the powerlifting portion! Everyone who came in put up some good numbers in their squat, bench press and deadlift. This just shows how hard everyone in here is working, it shows everyone’s […]

Ski-erg Technique

Some easy corrections you can make to be more fluid and efficient. 1. Squat! Do not pull with straight arms and straight legs, you need a small bend in the elbow and you need to pull yourself down by squatting and pulling down with the hamstrings and the abs. 2. Pull from just above eye or […]


If you are making any or all of these four common mistakes we see often on the concept2 rower, fixing them will help you get more efficient and get faster times on the greatest piece of cardio endurance equipment you can train on. Good luck!   1. Bar first knees second. On the return stroke, the […]

AC workout for 12-7-2016

Warm up: 10 squats, jump squats, push ups, squat thrust  6 Rounds  10 Strict press  15 GHD sit-up  5/5 Single arm kettlebell overhead squat 250m Row  Finish: 20/10×10 high plank 

Workout 11-29-2016

Warm-up: dynamic Deadlift conventional Warm-up: 9 reps, 3×3 climbing weight. 40/20, x5 ABMAT sit ups Lunges max cal ski max cal bike

Redline 11-22-16

Warm-up: 25 squat thrust jumps, 50 jumping jacks 30/30/30 rest, x4: Side to side ring knee tucks/knee tuck push up Jump rope/double unders or knee tuck jumps Jump squats/toe touch crunches Ski/Mtn climbers Finish: 3:00 air dyne max effort 

Redline 11-17-16

Warm-up: 3:00 circle drill 30/10, x6: decline push-ups mountain climbers KB sumo half jumps frog push-ups 1 handed swings bicycles Finish: abs!

Redline 11-15-16

Warm-up: jump rope 5:00 1:00 each, x5 Hindu push-ups with KB tap toe touch crunches 1-leg burpees HKJR :30 sec rest Finish: plank fun

Workout for 11-4-2016

Warm up: 20 jump squats, 500m run 5 rounds: 5 back squat – jump to 65% round 2 10 DB curls 10 DB box step 10 chin up 10:00 amrap  100′ sled push 10 KB deadlift 10 KB swing  10 box jump  Finish: 500m run 

Redline 10-27-2016

3 mins rope, 3 mins row  30/10 5 rounds  Prisoner jump squats V ups Triangle push ups Ski  DB push press  Finish: 300m walking lunge 🙂