Workout 11-29-2016

Warm-up: dynamic Deadlift conventional Warm-up: 9 reps, 3×3 climbing weight. 40/20, x5 ABMAT sit ups Lunges max cal ski max cal bike

Workout 11-16-16

Warm-up: 1:00 squat, box step, Burpees x2 Strength: 10×10 DB Shoulder Press 1:00 rest 40/20, x5; Airdyne Box jump KB Snatches GHD Sit up Wallball

Workout 10-28-2016 LEPRECHAUN

Warm up: 10 squats, 10 squat thrust, 50 mountain climbers, 50 JJ LEPRECHAUN One round for time! 1,000m run 2 sled push = 200 feet all the way down and back 200m ski 50 squats 50 kettlebell swings 100 mountain climbers 1000m bike 50 DB curls 1000m air bike 100 mountain climbers 50 kettlebell swings […]

Workout 10-26-2016

Warm up: 10 burpees, 100 JJ “Mesquilin” 15:00 AMRAP: 5 thrusters 10 squat thrust to standing dumbbell press 5/5 snatches 10 ABMAT sit-ups Finish 1 is mandatory: 500m row (towards class) Finish 2 is optional: double unders 2:00 (individual)

Workout 10-24-2016

Warm up: 10 squats, jump squats, squat thrust, push ups, 50 JJMobility: side lunge  “Pennywise” double AMRAP  15:00/5:00/15:00 Part 1 5 burpees 5 kettlebell high pulls from floor 5 roll up sit-ups  Break 5:00 Part 2  10 chest press 5/5 kettlebell one arm rows  20 bicycles  *only whole rounds will count*

Workout 9-9-16

Warm-up: 1:00 each, x1: jump rope, squat thrusts, mtn climbers Extra squat warm-up  Squats 30/15, x5: Slam balls Kettlebell swings Skull crushers Block pass crunches Decline push-ups Knee tuck crunch on box

Workout 9-7-16

Warm-up: walking lunges to door, 300m run Mobility: look at my hands, OH pipe squat, pipe pass through, helicopters X5: Seated shoulder press ladder, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 BB windshield wiper, 10 (advanced, hanging wipers) KB high pull ladder, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 Cross body mountain climbers, 50 Ski, 200m Finish: plank!

Workout 8-26-2016

Warm-up: 500m run Mobility: banded pipe squats, banded walks, towel slide lunges backwards and side FGB, x5: BB box squats Curl & press Jump rope Mermaid dips Side shuffle with speed skaters Rest Finish: 500m run

Workout 8-24-2016

Warm-up: 2:00/:30: row, skierg, jog/side shuffle 5 Rounds: 5 push press – HEAVY 10 3-way delt raise (front, side, rear, 10 reps each way, same weight) 20 Med ball knee tuck crunches on box OH KB waiters walk Finish: mobility fun! “Look at my hands”, Cuban rotations, half dragonfly

Workout 8-22-2016

Warm-up: 50 jumping jacks, 50 mountain climbers, 30 run Shit Sandwich! TABATA, x4: Hurdle jump with burpee V-crunch ball pass Hindu push-ups DB Floor press HKJR 1:00/:20 x2 TABATA x4 Finish: ladder drills