July 3rd and 4th Schedule

We know many of you are either gone on vacation this weekend or not working, and we know some of you bankers still have to go to work, and the next 8 week strength program starts Monday, but we will have some classes cancelled for Monday and Tuesday due to the holiday. Here are class […]

Ski-erg Technique

Some¬†easy corrections you can make to be more fluid and efficient. 1. Squat! Do not pull with straight arms and straight legs, you need a small bend in the elbow and you need to pull yourself down by squatting and pulling down with the hamstrings and the abs. 2. Pull from just above eye or […]

Valentine’s Massacre!

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day everyone! Much love to all of you! Remember that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about loving the one you are going to bed with tonight (or hope to!) but it is also about loving everyone around you and yourself! So take a moment today to tell your mom or dad or siblings […]

AC workout for 12-12-2016

Looking for the workout??? You’ll have to log onto the trainheroic app!  Download the app, use code “priderules100” and you’re in! 

AC workout for 12-9-2016

Warm up: 3:00 ski, 4 lunge plus 1 broad jump  Strength: deadlift  One round for time  30 Calorie airbike  10 Barbell hang clean 50 Abmat sit-up  100 Kettlebell swing  100 air squat  20 Chin up  20 calorie ski 

AC interval workout for 12-8-2016

Warm up: 6:00 box step  Mobility: leg, back, shoulder, chest  4 Rounds 1:30/0:30 Airbike  Jump rope  Burpees  Finish: 25 DB floor chest  press 

AC workout for 12-7-2016

Warm up: 10 squats, jump squats, push ups, squat thrust  6 Rounds  10 Strict press  15 GHD sit-up  5/5 Single arm kettlebell overhead squat 250m Row  Finish: 20/10×10 high plank 

AC interval workout for 12-6-2016

Warm up: 3:00 jump rope and 3:00 airbike Strength: front squat 6 rounds 3 reps 5 Rounds 0:30/0:15  Ski JR Kettlebell snatch Box step jump  Finish: 50 jump squats 

AC workout for 12-5-2016

Warm up: 20 burpees, 30 walking lunges  Strength: deadlift program starts today!!! Today you get your baseline one rep max. Choose a stance you have to stick with conventional or sumo all month.  5 rounds 6 Bench press  6/6 Single arm kettlebell row  12/12 Kettlebell swing  Finish: 500m row balls out puke pace 

AC workout for 12-2-2016

Warm up: dynamic  Mobility: squat and hip tap and twist  4 rounds: 10 back squats  10 push ups 10 box jumps  1 sled push  400m run  Finish: 25 DB curls, 25 skull crushers