Healthy Dessert Recipes…awwwwww yeah!

Thanks to my wife Lindsay for finding these awesome recipes! My sweet tooth is pretty fierce and it gets real bad when the weather gets cold so I’m going to be trying out these recipes. Remember folks, even though these recipes may be pretty healthy you are still taking in calories and you need to […]

All Star Meal Plan for the day

Breakfast: 16oz Orange Crystal Light (coffee black optional), Multi-grain cheerios (1 cup with half a cup of skim milk or soy milk) Snack: 12 almonds and 24 dried cranberries Lunch: Mixed green salad with 5oz chicken breast and salsa Snack: Apple Dinner: Tilapia and shrimp, pan fried in 2 tbsp light olive oil with lemon […]

Easy Sesame Ginger 5 Spice Kabobs

These great tasting kabobs can be prepped ahead of time and are quick and easy to make. Colorful and full of flavor, you will never know how good they are for you! Cut into one inch pieces: Three boneless skinless chicken breasts with all fat trimmed Peppers, green, red, orange, yellow Two medium red onions […]

All Star Meal Plan – Summer Shrimp and Pasta Salad

Summer Shrimp and Pasta Salad One pound of shrimp, cooked with lemon and garlic seasoning and salt and pepper One pound of short pasta, spirals, fusilli, small shells or elbows, multi-color pasta or vegetable pasta looks good in this dish, cook pasta and let cool a few minutes Two yellow squash sliced very thin One […]