2 thoughts on “Boot Camp Homework 1-5-2012

  1. Sorry to leave you hangin Kieran! It has been a crazy week!

    Bodybuilders are big tough guys that lift lots of weight, nasties are the ladies on the corner! Just kidding!

    So, bodybuilders, go down to do a burpee, at the bottom, jump the feet out to the sides a foot or so, jump them back in, then do your pushup and then come up and do your jump at the end after standing. Nasties are a crunch, you just pick one knee up and then cross the opposite ankle over that knee like you were crossing your legs to read the paper, do a regular crunch and tuck those knees in a little on each crunch.

    Thanks bro! Hopefully someday (one of the many things on our list) we will have a full video section with all the exercises in it. Takes a lot of time, something we are rather short of these days. Enjoy, see you soon!


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