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Boot Camp and Warrior Workout for 9-30-13

Warm up: movement and stretching. 50 Jumping Jacks, Run 500 yards

TABATA! 20/10 – 8×8

  • Push ups
  • Kettlebell one arm rows
  • sit ups 90 degree
  • Half burpees
  • Kettlebell high pulls (one arm)
  • Box step jumps
  • Chest Press
  • HKJR

***Everyone get ready for next month’s “Halloween Horror Challenge Series”!!! Starting on Wednesday we will have either a challenge workout or a finish challenge that will allow you to accumulate points, the lucky guy and gal with the highest points at the end of the month will be crowned the Halloween Horror King and Queen of the gym! There are a multitude of challenges ranging from timed AMRAP workouts to one round as fast as possible workouts to a double under challenge to a one mile run challenge, so there are many opportunities for different people with different skill sets and abilities to win the series! Stay tuned for more details on prizes for the King and Queen!***


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