Keep a Tight Ass

Kettlebells are a wonderful and powerful tool and kettlebell swings are an amazing strength and conditioning exercise. A lot of people get them wrong…even the fitness guru Jillian Michaels has taken flack for poor form. The best part of doing kettlebell work is that you can do it anywhere and you can pack a huge […]


The heat of summer is coming…and you need to be drinking a lot of fluids if you are exercising…and especially if you are doing any type of workout outdoors. Dehydration can cause: Cramps Dizziness Fatigue Heat exhaustion Heat Stroke Not being properly hydrated can also cause your blood to thicken or to actually diminish in […]

Protein after workout

On Tuesday I had a client tell me he ate a canteloupe and a salad almost every night…after working out with me…not good. PROTEIN! Whether you are weight lifting, running, biking, doing MMA or Muay Thai, Crossfit, my Boot Camp or any other type of workout you need protein after! It’s that simple and you […]

Exercise, Food, Schedules and Bipolar

I recently discovered I may be slightly bipolar…something very hard to come to grips with. My therapist friend told me that one thing that I am already doing is regularly exercising. I can only imagine what I would be like if I wasn’t! I was advised to make a schedule, for everything, luckily I work […]

New format coming soon!

A friend of a friend is going to make this blog look amazing soon! I’m so excited! Until then, a word about getting OUT of the gym. Seriously, the weather is getting nice out so get your ass outside! All those days you didn’t go running during the winter…you need to start making up for […]