Monday Motivation 83 – Maximum Effort – Maximum Results

When you come in for training, and your coach tells you to change your grip or fix your posture or push out two more reps or move a little faster or talk less, we aren’t doing it just to make your workout harder or just to be a pain in your ass, we always have […]

The state of fitness 2019…

After ten years in the fitness business as a gym owner and a coach, I think I finally have the experience and the background to voice my opinion on the fitness industry as a whole. I have been mulling over this for a few weeks now. If any of this article stings or feels like […]

Rebels victorious at USPA North Carolina State Championships!

Last month Pride hosted the USPA North Carolina (tested) State Championships, it was a ton of people in our little gym…over 400, and the Rebel Powerlifting Team did great! Here is a quick recap of everyones lifts: Jenn Squat: 303 Bench: 154 Deadlift: 325 Tara Squat: 292 Bench: 143 Deadlift: 353 Steve Squat: 375 Bench: […]

Did you miss yesterday’s Monday Motivation? Here is number 80!

Just in case you missed this week’s Monday Motivation video, here is number 80, talking about your circle of influence and who you take inspiration from and who you pickup successful habits from. I also talk about people you may not be recognizing as having knowledge or experience or expertise that you could be learning […]

Monday Motivation – Rolling into 2019…Here we come!

What can I say about 2018…it was a tough year filled with struggles and stress and injuries! Every year we try to put the past behind us and we look forward to a bright new year. I saw a great quote the other day that talked about great leaders always sailing the ship towards the […]

Spicy Halal style chicken beef and rice

For this week’s “Food Friday” post, we have a spicy chicken beef and rice! Every Friday, I have lunch with Lindsay to spend a few minutes together outside the gym, and one of our favorite lunch meals is Halal from a street cart. This particular Halal cart is run by a family that part is […]

SALE! Black Friday – Small Business Saturday – Cyber Monday

12 Class Pass – BOGO Half Off! normal price 12 class pass $180 buy one get one half off $180 + 90 = $270 for 24 classes One Month Meal Plan Normal price $120 – 50% off = $60 Three months online coaching (powerlifting or kettlebell sport) Normal price $300 – 25% off = $225

New Balance 890v6 Review

After beating the same running shoes to death for three years because New Balance cancelled the best shoe they ever made…they finally brought back the 890!!! And I somehow snagged a pair off amazon for $67!!! Little product review video, any of my kettlebell or muay thai or boxing or mma or endurance friends out […]

All hail the best supplement…MAGNESIUM

A couple of years ago my second kettlebell coach had a suspicion that I was magnesium deficient. After reading some articles and studies I agreed and started taking magnesium and to this day it is the number one supplement I recommend for everyone! Here is a great little article from Touchstone Essentials, the company I use […]

Rowing Technique – 1 of 5 – Stop Rowing on 10

Seriously. There is no reason to row on 10 unless you weigh 400 pounds and can clean and jerk over 225. In this video we are going over how to set the damper for your optimal drag factor. This is part 1 of 5, and after the 5th video I will give you a link […]