WOW! Summer Games was awesome this year! We were very happy with the turnout but we were even happier with the results form the powerlifting portion! Everyone who came in put up some good numbers in their squat, bench press and deadlift. This just shows how hard everyone in here is working, it shows everyone’s […]

Review of Kettlebell Kings prototype bell

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be asked by kettlebellkings.com to test and review a new prototype bell and after many many many reps and a lot of sweat and some torn hands and a couple pounds of chalk, here is my review! I LOVE IT!!! MAKE MORE AND WE WILL BUY […]

Food Friday – Eating on a Schedule

I really didn’t have a good recipe or idea to write about this week and I was upset I was going to miss a “Food Friday” article, but then in just the past 12 hours I have heard from 3 people who got way off their eating schedule and then I personally had to deal […]

Monday Motivation 7 – What is Stopping You?

I want you to make two lists right now, three items on each list. Top 3 goals. These goals can be in fitness, in the gym, lifting, running, they could be in your relationships with loved ones, these could be professional goals or financial goals. but try to include one fitness/gym goal. Top 3 fears […]

Food Friday – Why you need a protein shake

Usually the “Food Friday” post is about meal prepping and giving you a recipe for something tasty and healthy and easy to prepare and split up into meals for the week…well not this week…this week we need to address why you are not pounding protein shakes like a bro-dude-gym-rat?! “I don’t need protein shake”…yeah bullshit! […]

Friday…what’s your excuse???!

Please, please, please tell me your excuse why don’t come to the gym on Fridays???! We see the same people day after day, week after week, month after month, some for years. And we love how much dedication we see from so many people! But the flip side of that coin…we notice…oh yes we notice…the […]

Ski-erg Technique

Some¬†easy corrections you can make to be more fluid and efficient. 1. Squat! Do not pull with straight arms and straight legs, you need a small bend in the elbow and you need to pull yourself down by squatting and pulling down with the hamstrings and the abs. 2. Pull from just above eye or […]

Stop trying to skip the struggle!

  Stop trying to skip the fucking struggle. We’ve all been there. Sometimes it’s a one day, sometimes it’s an entire week, sometimes just getting to the gym is a struggle, sometimes finishing the workout is a struggle, sometimes it’s just one simple exercise everyone else seems to be good at but keeps beating us […]

Meatballs and rice…yay how exciting!

Ok so not all of our recipes are exciting or look amazing, but this is the reality of food prepping and making sure you stay on plan and stay on target to your goals. Whether your goals are weight loss, or muscle gain or just to maintain your current physique, achieving your goals takes dedication, […]


So every year I travel to the Arnold expo in Columbus, Ohio to compete in kettlebell sport. This year of course was no different. This was my 4th Arnold Expo and it was spectacular! Lifting next to world champions, meeting the strongest man in the world, being on stage in front of thousands of people, […]