YES! Pride is open!

Last week on Wednesday May 20th, the governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper, announced that gyms would be left out of the phase 2 reopening. We have made the decision that we will defy this order. We are defying the governor’s order for two reasons: The North Carolina constitution states “We hold it to be […]

How to Increase Confidence…Embrace the Suck

In this week’s Monday Motivation, we are talking about testing yourself and going through the really hard challenges to increase your confidence on the easier challenges. Going through challenges like a 50 cal bike test, makes a 10 cal bike round in a workout seem easy because you’ve gone through so much harder. Going through […]

Are you learning, or repeating, or innovating, or just bullshitting?

Lindsay and I are huge on networking. Well, we are an we aren’t! We are not really able to get out of the gym much and we do a lot of networking through social media. This is one of the things I love about social media, the ability to reach out to other fitness and […]

Is 110% really possible?

YES!!! This week’s Monday Motivation, I am talking about giving 110%. Yes you heard your high school coach yell at you to give 110% and you thought you were giving it, but were you? Are you now? Is it even possible? YES! When you give 110% that is how you hit a PR!

5 Benefits of Training with Kettlebells…

We all know that I love kettlebells, and yes I am that dude in the gym that is doing endless rounds of clean and jerks and snatches. I can go on all day talking about how great kettlebells are, and I do love barbell work and conditioning work, but kettlebells are my jam! So here […]

What Does the Russian Doping Scandal Mean for Kettlebell Sport…

Wow, social media has been alive with articles and videos being shared, and filled with comments and conversations about the recent Russian doping scandal. The kettlebell sport community was shown a video from youtube with IUKL president Igor Solodov and coach Anton Anasenko regarding positive test results for Ivan Markov and Vladimir Kobzar. Here is […]

Strength Fest 2019

Strength Fest 2019 was a HUGE success! Three sports; powerlifting, strongman – strongwoman, and kettlebell sport, one location, one day! We had over 140 athletes and over 200 spectators! We wanted to take a minute and thank many people who helped make this event so amazing… Thanks to Bill from 365 powerlifting and Derrick from […]

pride conditioning gym charlotte box squats

Strength is the answer to your problems…

We have trained a lot of people here at Pride, to date over 1,200. While training that many people we have seen it all, people who need strength and people who need more cardio, people who need to lose weight and people who need to gain weight, people who need to work on mobility and […]

Monday Motivation 94

After ten years and over 1,200 people trained here at Pride, we have seen a lot of success stories, but one thing we have also seen is people complaining about their weaknesses but then not doing anything to fix it. We see people come in to the gym and crush it, getting stronger and faster […]

Monday Motivation 83 – Maximum Effort – Maximum Results

When you come in for training, and your coach tells you to change your grip or fix your posture or push out two more reps or move a little faster or talk less, we aren’t doing it just to make your workout harder or just to be a pain in your ass, we always have […]