We think 2014 has gotten off to a great start here at Pride Conditioning! Thanks to all the newbies have started up, all the clients we haven’t seen in a few months coming back, thanks for all the referrals you have all been giving us by bringing in your friends and family and to all the veterans who have been with us for years and continue to work so hard! Everyone in the gym is doing an amazing job with the new workout schedule we are on and with all the challenging workouts we have been throwing at you, keep up the great work everyone!

There is one little issue we need to discuss that only a few people are having this new year, and that issue is walking into your workout with a negative attitude, thinking it is going to be the hardest most miserable workout you have ever had, thinking you are weak or slow or you can’t lift the weight that is on the bar. WRONG! I actually heard someone walk into the gym last week and say “I hate this class.” I guarantee everyone felt amazing at the end of that class…except for that person…nothing could change their mind…the class was going to be awful no matter what was on the menu for the day. This is a self fulfilling prophecy and an attitude that needs to change. Fitness and losing weight is not easy, it is hard, it is a struggle, and it takes a long time to achieve your goals, it doesn’t happen over night, you need to stay positive and patient. One of the biggest reasons why we have so many people working out with us that look amazing and perform at such high athletic levels is because they never gave up, they kept coming in, week after week, year after year, struggling, but getting better one day at a time, one workout at a time. You will not, and you do not need to get 100% better, stronger, faster in one day, you just need to get 1% better, everyday, for a long time. The people who believe they can improve just a little more each day achieve their goals!

There are only a handful of people coming here that are having these thoughts, the vast majority of our people walk in the door pumped up and ready to crush any workout with any weight we throw at them, but a few of you are defeating yourself before you even try. Those successful people are ready to run their hardest and lift more than they did last week, every single time they walk in the door! They believe in themselves and they achieve their goals!

When I hear people say that a weight is too heavy on almost every weighted exercise before they even pick up the weight or after they do one rep, this upsets me. This thought process of “it’s too heavy” or “that’s too hard” or “I can’t do that” is mental, you have defeated yourself before you even tried. Now, if you pick up a weight, or grab the bar and you try your best, and you are screaming, swearing and shaking because it is physically so demanding that your body has given out, then it is too hard, put it down and go lighter, it’s ok. But you need to believe that you can do it, that you can lift the weight, that you can make the entire run, that you can do 50 burpees and not die, you need to believe in yourself, we believe in you, now you need to believe in you!

If you finish your workout and say “hmmm, that wasn’t too bad” and you can walk away and feel fine, you didn’t lift heavy enough and you didn’t work hard enough. If you finish your workout and say “holy shit that was hard”, and you are completely out of breath, you’re dripping sweat, your body aches, you saw stars for a second or your ears started ringing and your body seriously hurts already, then you have worked hard and you have lifted enough. When you walk away from the bar, and you feel like a beast, like you can take on the world, when you walk away feeling that rush of confidence and accomplishment, that is an amazing feeling and one you can only get after you have pushed yourself hard. Break through your comfort zone, push passed those thoughts of “I can’t lift that” or “I can’t finish” or “I’m slow”, believe that you can lift that bar, you will finish the workout and that you can move faster than you did last week, believe and achieve!

For everyone that has been believing they can, and then achieving all their goals, it is time to set some new goals and work your ass off to achieve them and keep on believing that you can! For the people whoa are struggling, physically and mentally, it is time to make a change and flip that switch to the positive side, it is time to walk through the gym door ready to take on any workout and be better, stronger, faster than you were yesterday, it is time to start believing in yourself and achieving all those goals you have!

Team Seamans

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