Have you been looking for a workout program as a beginner? Do you want to join a gym and get stronger and faster and lose weight but you have no clue what you are doing? Want to get into small group classes that use methods guaranteed to get results? If you have been a little too intimidated to come try out a group class program, here is your big chance!

Now you can jump into our fundamentals program, learn how to properly and safely lift, squat, deadlift, press, row, swing a kettlebell and learn all of our interval and endurance training methods in a small group at a slower pace, all designed to take beginners like you and get them ready to jump into our regular classes.

We have a completely new fundamentals program and a new instructor; this class and this instructor is dedicated to helping you go from beginner to entering our program and becoming a beast! Come learn from Charlotte’s fitness experts! Our expert trainers know how to get you in the best shape of your life, yes even those of you who have never lifted or worked out in a gym. We know how to take you from flab to fit. The fundamentals program here at Pride has helped hundreds of people walk in with zero training experience, and it can help you!

And we have a great discount offer for you!

Simply sign up for our email list by entering your name and email below, and we will send you two special offers just for beginners…our fundamentals package of six one on one training sessions for $120 and then your first six months for just $500! This gets you the two weeks fundamentals program for $120 and your first six months for just $500. No strings…no gimmicks…we just want to get you started on your fitness journey and we are giving you this chance to learn how to lift and get stronger and faster and you can try out our program for six months for just $500. That six month deal is discounted over 35%!!!

And we will give you a second gift when you sign up for our program; our standard macro plan that will show you how to break down your daily intake of fat and protein and carbs and when to eat the right amounts so you can get results from our program even faster! These macro plans are normally $120 but when you sign up for our six month  program we will give it to you for free!

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