Monday Motivation 11 – Being self motivated, increasing work capacity, starting TODAY!

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This week we are talking about being self-motivated and getting started on your goals TODAY! I hear so many times “I am going to start this diet/workout plan next week” from people in the gym and my friends outside the gym. People are motivated, but seemingly not motivated enough to start TODAY. This week’s motivation […]

Monday Motivation 9 – Don’t let injuries become excuses…

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We have trained almost 1,000 clients here at Pride, and over the course of training all those people in the past 7 years we have seen a few injuries, luckily our injury rate here is super low. With the number of people we have trained it is inevitable someone is going to get injured, either inside the […]


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WOW! Summer Games was awesome this year! We were very happy with the turnout but we were even happier with the results form the powerlifting portion! Everyone who came in put up some good numbers in their squat, bench press and deadlift. This just shows how hard everyone in here is working, it shows everyone’s […]