Are you part of the family?

I received two text messages and one message on Facebook this past week that made me very happy, all of these messages told me that we are doing something right, something good, that we have created a culture, a family.

I had posted on FB the link to an interview I did for a website/blog called You can read that interview here I got a comment back from a client who said “You’ve built quite the culture at your place”, this hit the nail on the head! I was so happy to hear this! Lindsay and I have been working at this for almost 4 years, to develop a culture of clean eating, working out, challenging yourself, rising above the limitations you and others have placed on yourself, setting goals and achieving them through dedication, sacrifice and hard work. Lindsay and I try to lead by example and we hope that we have inspired many people, especially our clients. It looks like we are succeeding!

The next message I got this weekend was from a long time client and fellow trainer who ran her first half marathon this weekend in 2:18:35! This amazing athlete told me that while she was running “All I could think was “Pain is Temporary – Pride is Forever”! Keep this in your mind the next time you are competing or struggling to reach a goal, it worked for her and it can work for you!

And the last amazing message I got was on Monday morning of this week when a client from Boot Camp who has been out with a broken foot sent me a text message to say how amazing he felt being back and how great it was to be able to workout again, he told me he felt like he was back with his family! I told him he was! We are all family here, we support and motivate each other and we keep each other honest and accountable for our actions, like lifting light, cutting reps, or dogging a run or skipping a workout. Knowing that many of you have become part of this family, that you believe in this family, love this family and promote this family to your other family is something so special and so amazing for me to hear about and to see first hand.

Thanks to all of you and your hard work and for making our dreams come true and for giving us the greatest and most gratifying jobs in the world, training you to be stronger, faster and healthier!

Doug & Maria
Doug & Maria

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