Are you learning, or repeating, or innovating, or just bullshitting?

Lindsay and I are huge on networking. Well, we are an we aren’t! We are not really able to get out of the gym much and we do a lot of networking through social media. This is one of the things I love about social media, the ability to reach out to other fitness and business professionals and chat with them, brainstorm ideas, see what they are doing and ask them questions about why they’re doing it and sometimes make connections that lead to really cool collaborations. We see a lot fitness pros stuck inside their own bubble, thinking they either know everything, or only listening to one person or one group of people that just reaffirms their own theories, not going outside their normal circle and not talking to the right people. The worst that we see, week after week though, are the fitness “pros” who think they are reinventing the wheel! This kills us! The basics will always get you more results than the fancy stuff or trying to make simple exercises more difficult just for the sake of looking cool or making (scamming) your clients into thinking they are doing something special or they are working with some genius.

Anyway…today’s Monday Motivation will lead into my next post which will be our 2020 edition of “The State of Fitness”. But here is today’s MM video!


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