Absolute Strength

A lot of our strength programming here at Pride is based on theories and methods from Westside Barbell and its founder Louie Simmons. As some of you may know, Lindsay’s coach is a Westside disciple and a certified Westside coach, so a lot our strength and programming knowledge flows from Westside to Lindsay’s coach to Lindsay and into our programming.

One of the theories that Louie developed is the theory of “absolute strength.” We use this methodology in programming for everyone, from our regular folks to our weight loss folks to our soccer moms/dads to our athletes from kettlebell sport to Olifting to race car drivers. Here is the basic idea behind this theory; your strength will dictate how well you gain and develop in every other aspect of your training. Want to push the bike or the rower faster? Get stronger. Want to run faster? Get stronger. Want to push more reps in kettlebell? Get stronger.

Here is an example in basic terms; if we took two groups of people, two of each, a golfer, a race car driver, a kettlebeller, a triathlete, and a rower, team 1 just focused on their technique and putting in reps and time in their sport and maybe did a little core and accessory work, while team 2 did box squats twice a week with one day being heavy low reps and one day being lighter with higher reps focused on velocity in their reps, 9 times out 10 the athletes from team 2 will beat the athletes on team 1. Why? Because they are stronger. The athletes who did box squats have stronger legs, stronger back, stronger core, stronger calves, and that strength also gives them added joint injury protection/prevention.

In short, EVERYONE should be doing some form of strength training! It doesn’t have to be crazy weight, it doesn’t have to be every day, and it doesn’t have to be maxing out every four weeks, for some athletes they don’t really ever have to do a one rep max. But, everyone needs to be doing some form of strength training. And, all cardio and no strength makes Jack and Jill very dull, and very prone to injury!

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