5-3-1 Box Squat Program

We are publishing this program on January 1, 2021, happy New Year! If you are reading this after January 1st, I’ll just wish you a good day!

However you found this program, from google search to a link a friend shared to you or form one of our Youtube videos, I am glad you found this program. As you will read in the program, I cannot take any credit for this program which is why we are giving it away for free. This program was adapted from a Westside Barbell deadlift program, and therefore all the credit goes to Louie Simmons. We learned much of our powerlifting and programming knowledge from Lindsay’s first powerlifting coach, Scott Shetler, and Scott learned most of his knowledge from Westside and Louie. As is tradition with Louie and Dave Tate and Mark Bell and many others, we are sharing this knowledge for free, because we love lifting and we want to help other people get stronger and we want to continue on this tradition to pay respects to Louie and Westside.

This box squat program has worked for many of our lifters, and it will work for you! Now go get a rack of Oreos and strap your belt on and get out a box and lets squat!!!



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