3 Month Bikini Challenge

Bring it on! We are announcing our very first Bikini Challenge! This will be a 3 month challenge taking place between March 1 and May 18!

Yes, we know it’s not exactly 3 months, but we’re cutting it short for a reason. This challenge is going to be completely different from our previous contests. There will be NO buy in. There will be NO food or workout tracking/journals. This is just you, hard work, and eating right!

Contestants will simply need to provide a before photo of themselves. Men – in shorts, no shirt.
Ladies – shorts and sports bra or your current bathing suit.

We are going to have winners from each class, so if you take more than one class, you can choose which class you want to compete in/against! At the end of the challenge, you will need to submit an after picture!

Voting will take place between May 21-23, and winners will be announced Friday, May 25 – perfect timing for Memorial Day Weekend!

The winners from each class will not be chosen by your instructors, but by your peers!
So be sure to work hard, eat smart, and maybe you’ll be the winner of the gift card for your class time!

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