2018 Is Your Year to Crush Your Goals – Monday Motivation 21


Here we are, three weeks in to 2018, and I am going to ask you some important questions; are you on the path to achieving your goals this year, are you crushing it, do you have your goals written down, do you have a coach, are you truly doing everything you can to climb the mountain and stand on top of your goals? If you are then congratulations! Keep crushing it! But so many of you out there, you have these goals, weight loss, hitting a PR on squats, running a certain marathon in a certain time, getting that pool body ready for this summer, or even goals outside the gym not related to fitness and physique like getting a promotion at work or launching a clothing brand or a youtube channel or getting clients through your website; we all have goals for this year and here we are three weeks in and maybe you have fallen off the path to achieving those goals, well I am here to get you back on track!

We have all heard it since we were little, our parents told us “you can do anything you want, you can be whatever you want, you can achieve all your dreams…” and they were right! You can! But it isn’t going to be handed to you! I hope whoever told you that also told you that you were going to have to work your ass off to make your dreams come true! That is the reality! And I hope they also told you it would take more time than you think and you would need the help of some education from a professional. You aren’t going to drop ten pounds this month by eating the same crap you’ve been eating for the past three years, dropping those pounds is going to take sacrificing those comfort foods and all the sugar! You aren’t going to get ripped next week, it takes time! You aren’t going to hit depth on your squat until you start doing more stretching and mobility work like your coach keeps telling you to! And you aren’t going to add twenty pounds to your deadlift or hit that 6:00 mile until you get some proper programming and instruction form a professional coach!

This is absolutely your year to crush all your goals, but you are going to have to do these four things:

  • Dedication: you will need to work at your goal day after day after day!
  • Patience: it isn’t going to happen tomorrow, but it will happen, be patient!
  • Sacrifice: your old ways aren’t going to get you new results, you are going to have to change some things and it may be painful, physically and mentally!
  • Education & Coaching: you need some help, with your diet, with your programming, with your time management, with your stretching, with staying on course, a professional coach can help you with all of these things!

Follow these tips and you absolutely will hit your goals this year! I promise! And remember, we are here to help you, if you need help with your goals no matter how small or crazy they may seem to you, we can help you achieve your goals this year!

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