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Our 1st annual strength program has begun! If you have not been paying attention we started yesterday! Sorry for not releasing these details before today but here it is!

11 Week Strength Program:

The goal of this strength program…is to get you strong! DUH! In order to do this we need to lift…A LOT! You will be lifting 5 days a week. Many of you are use to the fast paced classes, lifting is not fast paced, you need to learn to slow down, focus on your form and what muscles you are using and take breaks in between your sets (you should be sitting down, seriously sit down, for 1:00-2:00 between your sets). It would be best if you were at the gym 15-20 minutes early before class to get this lifting done before any cardio or met-con type workouts, and if you get done lifting and just want to do a simple 2k row or 3k run or just hop on the spin bikes upstairs instead of doing class that is fine, this program require a LOT of energy and we do not expect you to come in and lift your ass off pushing more weight week after week and also take part in class. So, the lifting is more important than doing class.

This program will not work if you are not dedicated, you need to be doing this five days a week, and you need to do it for the full 11 weeks. You cannot take a week off here and there or say “I don’t feel like lifting today I am just going to do class”, wrong, you want to get stronger then you need to be dedicated to this program for 11 weeks.

In the program you will get proficient at all your lifts for the first 2 weeks and learn the schedule, then on week 3 you will set a baseline for all your one rep maxes, then you will lift on schedule for another 3 weeks and then max out again and then finish with 3 more weeks of scheduled lifting and have one final max effort in week 11, the last full week of March.

The goal is to add 5-10 pounds on each set, each week your last set should increase by 5-10 or possibly 20 pounds at most, so that by the end of the 11 weeks you have grown your strength capacity by 10-20%. Some of you may find you will have good days and bad days, where your good days you are able to increase your weights by 5-10 or even 20 pounds on each set, you will also find you may have some bad days where you are low on energy and may be stuck with the same weight and no increases for your last 2 or 3 sets, this is OK, the next week you will improve I promise! Some days you will feel amazing and monster all your sets and other days the weight will feel very heavy, this is OK, it happens to everyone even Doug and Lindsay. Be sure your diet on is on point and you are getting the right amount of calories and the right macros (protein, fat, carbs), you cannot lift without fuel and this program will make you very hungry, just make sure you are eating high quality ingredients, nothing out of a box or package and nothing from fast food or take-out. Also do not be afraid of carbs! You cannot lift without carbs, carb intake pre and post workout along with protein post-workout is very important. Check out “If It Fits Your Macros” to figure up how much you should be eating and what your macros should be…and don’t you dare put in that you want to lose weight…this is about gaining strength not losing weight!!!

You will need to download both of the PDF files below, print 9 copies of the “Regular Week Schedule” and 2 copies of the “Max Effort Schedule”. You will then write down all of your weights next to the exercise, for example:

5×5 DEADLIFT 95,135,155,165,165

…or on max effort days

5,3,2,1 JERK 115,135,165,185

For many of you this will be your first time on a structured lifting program and we are confident you will get stronger, look better, lift more and see some great increases on your one rep maxes! So, go grab some food and get ready to lift and have fun!!!



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